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Mike Hookem MEP slams UK Troops joining EU Battlegroup

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UK 4th Brigade and 2nd Bn Yorkshire (2 YORKS) Regt become EU High Readiness Battlegroup from July commanded by Council of EU; as Mike Hookem launches new "Welcome to the EU Army" film detailing how we are moving towards combined EU forces. Click more to watch.
24 May - 2016
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Vandals tear apart "Leave EU" trailer outside Harrogate home

A former UKIP candidate's "leave EU" poster trailer was left in tatters by vandals while it sat outside the owner's home on Monday night (May 16).
Article first uploaded 19 May - 2016

Toby on Tuesday - 'Schengen and Shenanigans'

Toby Horton Chairman of the UKIP Thirsk & Malton Constituency Association writes an article about 'Schengen and Shenanigans'
Article first uploaded 17 May - 2016

UKIP Employment Spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP talk's about equality within the work place

Commenting on the BBC ethnic minority job advertisement row, UKIP employment spokeswoman, Jane Collins MEP, said; “I didn't know the BBC had been put in charge of implementing 'positive' discrimination in the workplace!
Article first uploaded 12 May - 2016
Videos & Publications

Six months after first seeing the migrant crisis in Northern Europe for himself, UKIP MEP, Mike Hookem returns to see how the situation has developed. What he found shocked him.

UKIP - The Steel Crisis

UKIP MEP's, Roger Helmer, Jane Collins and Mike Hookem discuss the causes, effects and solutions to the steel crisis with industry figures in Sheffield. Click the image below to watch.

Not worth the paper - The EU Referendum Deal In this damning assessment of the machinations and falsehoods that have accompanied Britain’s membership of the European Union, Nigel Farage, UKIP Leader and Co-President of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group in the European Parliament, examines the role of the EU and British establishment in pulling the wool over the eyes of the British electorate.

Mike Hookem in the Calais 'Jungle'

UKIP's Mike Hookem MEP is interviewed in the Calais "jungle" for the Daily Express newspaper. Mike speaks about the clearance of the sprawling migrant camp, the failures of the EU to tackle the migrant crisis and how the problem is spreading to other

The Evil Empire - Ray Finch

How the Common Fisheries Policy is recolonising theThird World. Click to download now.

The Migrant Crisis in Calais & Beyond

When Mike Hookem set out to see for himself the dangers faced by British hauliers crossing the channel at Calais, little did he know that he would be threatened with a gun, caught in a riot, run for his life, and witness the true scale and misery of the people smuggling rings operating in Northern France. This documentary follows Mike and his fellow EFDD MEP’s, Jane Collins, Margot Parker, Jill Seymour and Steven Woolfe as they examine what is happening in Northern France. Click below to watch.

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